Work/Life Balance is a Myth

Today’s schedule conflict arises from the usual tension between parenting and succeeding.  Because even though I’m not supposed to equate my career with success, I do. Even though I’m supposed to believe I’m more than my balance sheet, portfolio, client base, reputation and winning record in court, I am all of those things.

I am also a mother, a parent of two amazing children who challenge me to be the best person I can be.  They also challenge me to find some way to do two things at one time in two very different capacities at events that occur in two distant locations.

That is to say, I must choose whether I go to the network event tonight, where I talk with judges that I appear before, strengthen connections with colleagues, and maybe even learn something.  Alternatively, do I go to the music trip planning meeting for my oldest child.  Naturally, the music trip meeting is exactly in the middle of the networking meeting. Naturally, the music trip meeting is in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and the networking meeting is downtown.

As an underlying layer to the dilemma is that I have finally marked a line in the sand: no phones until homework is done.  In theory, everyone is on board with this rule. However, it’s been ignored successfully since school started. So when I was still helping with homework at one in the morning on Sunday night (I know- technically Monday morning), I threw my hands in the air and (with dignity, I’m sure) declared myself “done”.  In order to maintain this precious dignity, and my illusion of authority, I have to go home from work early to enforce the rule I declared. Otherwise- anarchy.

So there it is- parenting triumphs for now.  Maybe it’s less of a balance and more of a roller coaster, but I am forever grateful for the ride.